5 Reality Shows Du ser ikke, men bør absolut være

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Courtney Higgs

16. august 2016 @ 13:00

Fakta: You need more reality tv in your life. Sikker på, det kaldes ofte “trashy” eller “mindless”, men på reality-tv er en kunst. If Game of Thrones it’s a Picasso, so reality is more like a meticulously crafted macaroni necklace from your child: It can not be a master’s artist’s work, but we love and appreciate it just the same.

Vi handler alle om Emmy Award-værdige tv-oplevelser, men nogle gange behøver du kun noget uanstændigt reality-tv til at få dit sind ud af dit eget livlige liv for en tid og løfte dine åndes. If you are looking for some new shows to be added to your DVR schedule, do not look any further. You may have skipped these five shows in the past, but we have some convincing reasons why you should start tuning. Read on for a few scoop you will need to round off your summer tv series.

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