8 ting at vide om Shadowhunters Star Alberto Rosende

Shadowhunters, Alberto Rosende stjerner som menneskeskabte vampyr Simon Lewis. I the last two seasons have fans from hitfri Freeform series set Simon transformation from a normal teenager to one with strong supernatural powers. Men even when he changed physically, Simon remained the ultimate good guy – and last week’s episode paid his long loyalty and patience in a great way.

After several years of keeping his feelings for her best friend, Clary Fray (played by Katherine McNamara) secretly, he finally announced his love for her and sealed it with a kiss. Seerne freaked ud om den seneste udvikling i showets vigtigste kærlighedstriangel, som begyndte med Clary-datingsmedlem Shadowhunter Jace Wayland, spillet af Dominic Sherwood – og de er ikke alene. Sandheden is, even Rosende gets pumped to see what’s next next to his personal screen on the screen.

“This season has really been about each individual’s journey to grow – especially Simon,” said the 24-year-old actor Med stil during a recent visit to our New York City offices. “He has changed much since season 1, and we have seen him go from a person who did not think what was happening to become this vampire who is learning his place in the world. I am very excited to see what happens . “Med seriens vinterfinaleflyvning i aften klokken 8 om morgenen. ET, there are sure to be lots of curves that come our way – and Rosende is sure to be right in the middle of the action on the screen. Før du stemmer ind, rul ned for 8 ting, som vi lærte om stjernen under vores chat.

Ian Watson / Freeform

1. He is just happy to get in shape for the show.
“My character was a normal guy until he became a vampire, so this season has been much harder for me, physical,” said Rosende. “Hans krop må være på et andet niveau nu, og jeg har stort set kun fået form, da stunts of the show went overdrive. We trained six days a week for six weeks before we started shooting and our action and fighting sequences are far Just badly. Training-oriented, it’s been the ultimate dream to be paid to learn all this cool stuff. It’s a big perk-you like ‘Wait, this is my job. My job is to be good at boxing.’ ” 

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2. Han er nede for at lave sine egne stunts.
“We do all our own stunts until they say it’s too dangerous for us to do them,” said Rosende. “Heldigvis, we are all very hard to do what our characters can do. I think it’s part of the job to try to be the person as much as you can and really devote yourself. Everyone takes the extra step to do all we can until we are told, ‘No, you can not jump out of this building’ or ‘No, you can not fly twenty five meters down’ because the dangers are too high. ‘

3. Han kræver ikke meget variation i hans kost.
“Før vi skyder sæsonen, var vores kost meget streng under træningen,” sagde Rosende. “Dom and I went to the same restaurant every night because we knew we could get meat and vegetables so we got stuck at this restaurant in Toronto. And luckily, our craftsman was really good this year on the set. We could ask for protein ryster, når vi ønskede, og hver morgen, da jeg kom til min trailer, there was a coconut water, green tea with lemon and honey, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting for me. It’s a very solid breakfast – even if it’s not the sundeste. ” 

Nina Duncan

4. Han kan aldrig få nok søde snacks på hånden.
“I’m a big snack person, and I have a terrible sweet tooth,” said Rosende. “I’d rather work a little harder in the gym and be able to eat what I want and I like to have things to munch all day. When we shoot, I talk to fruit and healthier things, but I I’m always crazy about cookies. I’m like Cookie Monster-it’s my go-to snack. If I had to choose one thing to have on a desert island, there would be a lot of cookies. there are so many different types that you could never be bored. “

5. He likes to engage in a little method handler. 
“My best friend, who is also an actor, keeps his characters close to him by recognizing things that the character would do – like ordering a turkey meal in a restaurant and mentioning that his character wants Reuben instead,” said Rosende . “When you treat them like a real person, they are more complete. For me, when the new one Star wars film Rogue one came out, I knew that Simon would be in the cinema to see it at midnight. Sandsynligvis i en Star wars T-shirt. He certainly went for it and thought that he was there, helps to keep him alive. “

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6. Hans karakter påvirker hans playlist præferencer IRL.
“Jeg prøver at lytte til musik, som min karakter kan lide at få mere i hans tankegang,” sagde Rosende. “You can find out much about someone they listen to. I think Simon was really sorry when Leonard Cohen died this year and Yo La Tango was a band he really liked. modeler actually Simon after my friend Dave, listening to a lot of lo-fi. The band I use most is Guided by Voices – especially the song ‘I Am A Scientist.’ Your music sounds like there could be six guys in a garage, but I think that artistic vision speaks to Simon and the way he sees life, and he also likes it as if these guys did it themselves. ” 

Nina Duncan

7. Han kan sætte pris på en vampyr med et sans for humor.
“My character is very self-conscious about being a vampire and conscious of other vampires in pop culture, so he tries to serve up the kind of vampire that he is known for movies and television in our world,” said Rosende. “He is also a frightful vampire – and he has only been one to two weeks. So he brings a lot of comedy to the show, while I think many vampires are these sexy, powerful men who have lived hundreds of år. I like vampires, that’s fun and offers the comedy, and that’s what I’m trying to model Simon after. Less of the bursting Edward Cullen-Simon is not much brooding – and more Vladislav Poker from What we do in the shadows, hvem var en af ​​mine foretrukne vampyrer. “

8. Han var aldrig helt Team Edward eller Team Jacob under tusmørkeS storhedstid.
“I think I went back and forth because they each had their moments,” said Rosende. “First, everything holds Edward.” I mean, come on. Jacob was mager and he had strange hair. It’s only before he comes back as a total boss, as you think, “Oh, he could actually protect this girl.” Men then you go back to being Team Edward again because you see, Bella really loves him. It kept changing. “