Astrolog Susan Miller på de 3 vigtigste dage i maj

Susan Miller er Med stilbosat astrolog og grundlægger af Hendes seneste Med stil sign-til-Tegn The column will be published in April, available on newsstands and for digital download nu.

Maj has been called for the best possible month, and this year you agree. You’ve come through frustrating months-March and April-but the snags you’ve probably experienced are so fast to solve. Venus begyndte at gå tilbage på 5. marts og gik direkte den 15. april. You must still be patient when it comes to love and relationships. When a planet turns directly, this planet has time to become strong and correctly oriented on its path. Venus bliver nødt til at gnide de små bit sand ud af øjnene og nyde hendes te og biks som hun vækker.

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How can astrologers know when a planet has not returned to strong speed? We can see the planet’s speed on a special table called an ephemeris, as NASA and others publish to trace each of the planet’s courses. Venus moves typically at one degree a day, but when retrograde she takes twice a day to go at the same distance, one degree. When she’s in my turn, as Venus was last month on April 15, it takes Venus eleven days to go one degree. That’s why, at every retrograde planet, performs its most frustrating vibrations at the start and finish date for retrograd-it takes a massevis af energi til at ændre retning. Her er et godt billede: forestil dig et krydstogtskib der forsøger at lave en U-tur til søs. Det vil have al sin indre kraft at ændre retning. Det samme gælder for en planet.

Venus, planeten for god udseende, kærlighed og hengivenhed, will reach full strength by 18 May, but with every day, Venus will be in better shape. Jeg splitter hår – Venus vil handle i en ganske elskværdig måde i maj. Hvis du håber at blive forlovet eller gøre noget radikalt i din udseende, for eksempel at skære dit hår kort, skifte det fra blond til brunette eller få plastikkirurgi, select one day after May 18.

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You will get good news about mercury also in May, mercury is the planet for communication, negotiation, contracts, trade (all purchases and sales), perception and thinking. Kviksølv was retrograded from 9 April and goes straight this month on 3 May. Kviksølv reopens three times a year, so next time Mercurius will retrograde it will be 12 August to 5 September and then last year, 3rd December to 22 December (no shopping for gifts in December! Oh no!)

Mere glade nyheder om maj: Nymåne i Taurus, which took place on April 26 was filled with sweetness and light. Saturnus was beautifully angled for this new moon, and it was also Neptune, so you will be inspired to act (Neptune), and your decisions and initiatives will lead to long-term stability (Saturn). You will feel the effects of the new moon on April 26th in the first seven days of May.

Den fulde måne i Skorpionen, 10. maj vil også være mægtig special. The new moon will be ultra-friendly to Neptune and Pluto, making it quite romantic, sexy and will add a touch of mystik. You can be spontaneous at this time, for Mercury (travel, writing, speaking and thinking) will be with the surprise plan Uranus the day before the 9th of May, where you get plenty of opportunities to do something fun and brilliant at the moment. It’s also a good time at brainstormers for ideas. Pluto vil også støtte solen og give dig hjælp fra en VIP.

Nymånen den 25 maj i Gemini will encourage us all to travel, to start a writing or speech assignment, to design a website, start designing an app, an electronic gadget or a piece of software or join a new social media platform eller for at gøre nogle kloge sammenlignende shopping. These types of activities will be strong throughout the month, thanks to Mars in Gemini all the time, but this new moon provides a special extra bolt of electricity to get started doing one or more of these activities.

Venus and Mars call the cosmic lovers, because when they drive nearby they spark the spark of love. I maj vil Venus være i Vædderen og favorisere ild og luftskilt: Vædder, Leo, Skytten, Tvilling, Vægten og Vandmanden. If you are not one of these characters, do not be blue. Alle jord- og vandmærker (Taurus, Jomfru, Stenbukken, Cancer, Scorpio and Fiskene) will have their brilliant month in June, because Venus is set to enter Taurus on June 6 for a month’s stay and sexy Mars will come in I Kræft den 4. juni til at stay until 20 July. Nu vender Venus all the way back to normal, and Mars moves at high speed, every sign will have a good shot on a loving, loving summer.

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Der er endnu en kosmisk begivenhed med jubel om i maj. Saturn and Uranus are now in a remarkably friendly position – as the astrologers call a “trine” – the most harmonious aspect possible. Genius planet Uranus vil samle dig til at være kreativ og innovativende, og Saturn, planeten for lang levetid, vil hjælpe dig med at tage vores ideer og gøre dem langvarige, muligvis permanent. 

Saturn and Uranus want to work together all year and when they gradually spin in different directions by the end of 2017, they will not form a similar aspect again until 2047. This month they will be in ideal mathematical synchronization on May 18th, men they do not need to reach precise aspects to be useful to you. At both of them moving very flowing planets (Uranus takes 84 years at the circular sun, and Saturn takes 29 years to take the same journey), meaning these two wonderplaneter all year round in the right part of heaven to create a rare and special år for dig.