Bette Midlers Datter, Sophie von Haselberg, om at træde ind i Spotlight

Sophie von Haselberg er ikke fremmed for at vise forretninger. Den 30-årige skuespillerinde landede for nylig sine første store roller, med hovedrollen som Ohio-guvernørens stabschef i korthus og som Bernie Madoffs advokat i Guiden af ​​Lies. Mænd efter at have sat sin mor, Bette Midler, navigerer fejlfrit i spotlightet i årtier, von Haselberg er mere end velkendt når det kommer til Hollywood. And she knows exactly what she does when it comes to her career, thanks to a degree from Yale’s Drama School and a little helpful advice from his mother along the way.

Men mens du kan forvente, at Midler har gått masse skuespil, her most effective wisdom words have not had anything to do with the scene presence. The best advice she has given her daughter? “Helt ærligt tror jeg det er lektionen, ja ja nogle gange er et projekt baseret på passion og kreativitet og kunstneri, men nogle gange er et arbejde kun et job,” Harelberg har for nylig sagt Med stil. “And if you work on something, it’s a job as opposed to a passionate project, you’re still working the hardest and you do it – and you do not mind it when you leave home at the end of the day.”

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Of course, Midler is known for being passionate about her work. It’s after all the woman who’s 23 years after being the lead in Hokus pokus, gav fans den ultimative glæde ved at donere sit Winifred Sanderson-kostume igen til Halloween i 2016. Og tidligere i denne uge gjorde Midler overskrifter, da hun nægtede at indhente sin magiske Tony Awards-accepttale, da musikken begyndte at spille hende af en skuespillerinde Jeg en ledende rolle i en musical for Hej, Dolly!). Midlers fans over the world could not get enough of it – nor the daughter.

“First and foremost, I just love that she turned the whole case to a little,” said von Haselberg. “All sad there, and suddenly she says:” Cut it, then turn it off! “I think, she took the place in a way that not many others can handle me. And I just loved watching it. My dad and I sat there, half-cut, half-grinning, because it was just so classic to her. var fantastisk – and I’m glad it made such an impression. “Roll down for our full chat with von Haselberg.

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Du har haft travle par måneder med hovedrollen i korthus og Guiden af ​​Lies. Feel at this marker and turning point in your career when it comes to taking on more common roles?
I do not necessarily say it marks a change in my career. I think it’s just different. Jeg har lavet en gruppe indies tidligere, og det er bare en helt anden måde at arbejde på. Both are exciting, and of course have both their advantages. What’s so fun about working at indians is that it’s only a passion for most involved. And then there’s just another feeling about it. Mænd filmen indie er bare fly-by-the-seat-of-your-bukser, fordi du ikke rigtigt ved hvad slutprojekt bliver som. Med projekter som korthus og Guiden af ​​Lies, you know – or at least you hope so – because everyone involved is so incredible. I was over the moon to be a part of both these projects and to work with them on such high caliber products. 

You grew up with a very unique interior look at the entertainment industry. How did it shape your perspective with regard to your own career?
Jeg tror, ​​fordi min mor var jeg virksomhed, var det meget vigtigt for mig – lige fra et sted med selvrespekt – for virkelig at virkelig at studere håndværkets håndværk. Therefore, I went to high school because I felt like it, regardless of what I actually served my place to call me an actor – and not just because I was born in this industry. I was really tired of trying to pursue something in this business for a very long time just because of fear of comparison. Men it’s who I am and it’s too exhausting to deny it. So I had to go after that. My mother has always pushed me as an artist to create my own work and not just to do the projects that other people involve me in, which I think is a really good thing. Trust me, I’m very happy to be an actor in someone else’s project every other day of the week. Men I also think of longevity and are an artist with your own voice, it’s really important to make work that I’m passionate about and that I’m driving behind.

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Feel you came to the conclusion that Hollywood is in your blood?
I do not want to say that Hollywood in my blood so much as showing business is in my blood in one way. They are completely intertwined, of course, but there is something I think so much about my mother and the work she has done and created. I feel, at that is very much the world, I’ve been born into, and I’m totally careful about it, and I love it. Mænd jeg elsker bare Hollywood. I grew up watching all the old movies, and at the whole golden age in the cinema feels like home to me. Jeg kan citere Nogle kan lide det varmt from start to finish, any day of the week. Den oprindelige Det producers med Zero Mostel og Gene Wilder, og Fred Astaire musikaler også. Mine forældre and I used to watch these movies almost once a week. 

Hvem er din idol fra den æra?
There are so many. På se Marilyn på skærmen er som intet andet. It’s like how is a person who creates this think good about ? Så Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, Tony Curtis og Jack Lemmon i Nogle kan lide det varmt. Den komedie, for mig, er bare det, vi alle stræber efter, i en måde.

Din korte film YOYO for nylig Premiere på Tribeca Film Festival, jeg en kategori specielt fokuseret på kvindelige filmskabere. Who are some women you look up to in the industry? 
Absolut Nora Ephron. Her things are just so wonderful and brilliant and specific and personal. And then there is of course Kathryn Bigelow, who makes a completely different kind of film film, not a “woman”. I think it’s so exciting that we can be women in this industry and we do not just have to make content it’s female. Trust me, I love it – I’m the first person in line to see a rom com – but I also think we’re allowed to play in different genres.

In the way, how are you hoping to get influence?
I do not know yet. I’m interested in comedy. Jeg er interesseret i drama. I’m interested in each genre, so it’s hard to say. I think, at my own taste, tends to lean a little more towards real realistic comedies, I think what I can produce. Men også jeg er ung, så hvem ved det?