Casten af ​​Netflix nyeste serie Easy er utroligt-stream det i dag

Ny Neflix Show: Easy - LEAD
Patrick Wymore / Netflix

Tessa Trudeau

22. september 2016 @ 16:15

Vi har at sige til dig: Orlando Bloom. Vores yndlings sværd-wielding og pil-lancering hottie fra film franchises Ringenes Herre og Piraterne fra Caribien gør overgangen til tv med Netflix nye serie Lade. Premiere today, September 22, has drama series an amazing ensemble cast and Bloom is not the only star you will recognize.

Fra spillefilmregissør Joe Swanberg, Lade is an anthology series consisting of eight episodes, each focusing on another story with different characters. The themes and themes in the show are about romance, relationships and everyday situations that we can all relate to. Meget af buzz Lade has achieved has to do with the parallels it draws to Sex and the City, even if it’s a much more realistic take on the beloved series.

Noget af LadeStars are recognizable from big feature films and others, we recognize from tv. Each individual brings something different and unique to the show, and we are interested in finding out who will steal with who in each episode. Jeg et interview med underholdning ugentligt, Swanberg oplyste, at nogle episoder “er mere sjovt end andre, og alle kaster har forskellige virkemåde.” Vi kan ikke vente med at se hver eneste af disse dramaer i serien.

Tjek trail her and lay in your couch – this is a show you want to binge watch ASAP. Læs nedenfor for at se stjernerne!