Hvorfor Sarah Jessica Parkers Karakter i Skilsmisse Kler Ingenting som Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker makes her triumphant return to the TV world this Sunday night with starring in and executive producing HBO’s new series, skilsmisse. Skuespillerens rolle som ulykkelig gave mor-of-two Frances er fængslende – and it could not be different from Parker’s last iconic television character, Sex and the CityS Carrie Bradshaw. In spite of the fact that both series are in New York, Frances Forstæderverden is not something like Carrie’s glamorous Manhattan-not to mention, it’s a lot of Manolo-free.

jeg skilsmisse, Parkers karakter bruger sin tid til at navigere i svage farvande i hendes svigende ægtefælle. Her goal is to simply get through the day, which means that the cultivation of a trendy wardrobe is not on her long task list. I place her signature of timeless staples as tailor-made coats, tights and modest patterned dresses. For Frances er mode bare ikke en topprioritet – og samtidig SATC fans kan friste for at sammenligne hendes stil med karriere, showet kostume designer, arjun bhasin og parker ikke diskuterede sagen ved optagelse skilsmisse.

skilsmisse Still Sarah Jessica Parker 2 - Embed 2016
Craig Blankenhorn / HBO

“Vi har aldrig rigtig talt om Sex and the City, helt ærligt, “fortalte Bhasin for nylig Med stil. “I think with every actor, it has been crucial to them, you will not go back to it again – they have already done it and it does not allow them to do anything new.” Så da kom til at udvikle Frances udseende, startede Bhasin og Parker fra bunden. “It was like,” OK, there’s a new show, and a new person, and a new character, and we’ll go with it, “he said.” The material dedicates the look and then you try to create a new and specific identitet til det tegn i den show. When you read a new script, you generally do not tend to follow in another sign that the actor has played in something else. “

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From the first day, Parker had a clear vision of how Frances wardrobe would look. “Sarah Jessica is very interesting, for she is of course one of the most stylish women in New York, but there was some thought about how she approached her character,” Bhasin said. “She would have it very authentic for the experience of the character. We spoke very much about the fact that it was a very realistic and normal sense of home life, divorce, in New York, in the winter and by people of a certain age and economically beslag. Så det har virkelig påvirket meget. “

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Craig Blankenhorn / HBO

It also meant that certain pieces were without borders. “Fra et tidligt tidspunkt besluttede vi at holde sig væk fra high fashion og hurtig moderne mode,” sagde Bhasin. “I really wanted to really make a story and add a sense of nostalgia to the show. So when I suggested we made a vintage feel, it hit all those buttons.” Then came the duo with an overall plan for Frances outfits. “Vi ønskede, at tøjet skulle boes, og vi ønskede, at hun skulle få en stilfuld sophisticeret udseende,” sagde Bhasin. “Men vi ønskede ikke, at it should be trendy or loud and buzzy in terms of fashion and color. We wanted to be elegant and simple and classic.”

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skilsmisse Still Sarah Jessica Parker 6 - Embed 2016
Craig Blankenhorn / HBO

Frances enkelhed trickles helt ned til tæerne, og mens hendes sko kan være lavt i forhold til Carrie Bradshaw og Parker’s karakterens fodtøjssamling mangler ikke. “Vi tænkte på skoene mere, end vi skulle have, fordi der er en forbindelse mellem Sarah Jessica og sko verdenen,” sagde Bhasin. “Men we decided to pare it down and get it simple. You can see different types of shoes in her wardrobe – some green 80’s snakeskin pumps, some high-heeled modern shoes, some 70’s shoes – but we do not commit to a characters that are scared or are more eager for a particular brand of shoes against another. “

The lack of slank stiletto even stretches to Parker’s own SJP series shoes, as Bhasin revealed will not look skilsmisse. “Der er ingen SJP sko fra hendes linje i showet,” sagde han. “Her shoes are beautiful – they’re really spectacular – but I think they’re a little too fashiony for Frances.”