Maddie Ziegler retter på en første gang, så du tror du kan danse dommer

Dansedrottning Maddie Ziegler har sluttet sig til dommernes bord for denne sæson af Så du tror at du kan danse. Konkurrenceserien, som startede sin 13. sæson den 30. maj, er flyttet til en yngre generation af dansekonkurrenter – lige op i Zieglers gyde! In fact, she’s something of an expert in this department thanks to her long CV from the main role of Sias musicvideos (plus an epic Grammy performance).

Hvad angår hendes første dag på jobbet? “I was so nervous, because I’m usually the one in their position, so to be on the other side to see people dance and judge them, that was really cool,” says Ziegler Med stil. “Talenten er bare utrolig, I can not believe how good they are. Some of them are my age and they are so good. It’s so fun to see them dancing.”

Maddie Ziegler 1
Patrick Wymore

Under live-tapet på mandag aften arbejder hun tæt sammen med sine dommere: Paula Abdul, Nigel Lythgoe og Jason Derulo. “De er alle så søde,” siger Ziegler. “They just want me to have it good. I feel really relaxed when I’m with them because they are so funny and not insane. They are all very good.”

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Maddie Ziegler 2
Adam Rose / FOX

As participants turn it out, the dancing veterinarian uses his expertise to criticize and praise their performances. She has even advised them: “Always be hardworking and always make sure you are passionate about what you’re doing,” she says. “Nothing is impossible with dance and if you want something, you can. I never thought I would do something of what I’m doing today. I’ve always dreamed about it, but I never thought I’d actually. hende og det er virkelig sejt. “

Så du tror at du kan danse airs på FOX mandag aften kl 8 p.m. ET.