Outlander Sæson 2 Episode 4: 7 Øjeblik, der gjorde vores kæber fald

Outlander LEAD
Robert Pereira Hind

Janelle Grodsky

1. maj 2016 @ 9:00

Now where we are four episodes this season Outlander, vi ser endelig på Claire og Jamie Fraser (Caitriona Balfe og Sam Heughan) spiller snavset. Deres mission om at stoppe Jacobitoprøret er testet af prins Charles og hans uregelmæssige opførsel. In this episode they finally come under his skin at an evening party, they host a second nemesis, the duke of Sandringham.

The Fraserne puts all their cards on the table and tries everything they can to show the duke that Prince Charles is mentally unstable and makes bad decisions. Men so many other events in this episode seem to distract them from their purpose. Jamie, hvad er disse tænder mærker på lår? Tal om chokerende! It was not the only scene that shocked us. Check out other moments that made us hear the sound from last night’s episode.

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