Gør og don’ts for at opnå perfekt bryllup hårfarve

Han friede. Du indstiller en dato. Now it’s about getting all your ducks in a row before going down the hall. Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, and nothing can make the difference in pictures more than spend time in advance to achieve the perfect hair color. Så vi spurgte kendisfarven Johnny Ramirez for do’s og don’ts have smukke farve på din bryllupsdag. 

Start tidligt

Ramirez siger, at tidslinjen for at opnå perfekte bryllupsfarve afhænger af hårets tilstand og hvor lang tid du har, men nøgen er at planlægge fremad. “If you have an entire year to do rehab [if you need color correction due to temporary damaged hair or hair overwork] then I suggest you come to see me once every two months to carefully get your If you have virgin hair, I can start to see you six months before the wedding for a built-in hair color, so you’re ready for all the events that lead to the big one Ramirez also recommends making a clear shine every other month to keep your hair shiny and healthy. 

Gør dit hjemmearbejde først

Make more consultations with hairstyles to achieve your dream color and do not be afraid to interview them. Ask about their technique, what is the most mild for your hair, and what is the most cost effective for you; det kan være dyrt. Do also your research if you try something new. “I always suggest looking at the stylist’s social media to see their work,” he says. “Billeder taler højere end ord (og yelp anmeldelser!).”  

Vær ikke bange for at tage billeder

“Most women come to me and say ‘I want to look like that’ so we can sit down to see if it fits their face or if they want to make the best of their skin type and eye color, he says that refer to a picture. Ramirez instagram serves as a huge inspiration card with the appearance of how many customers come in and shows him exactly what they want based on the works of art that appear right on his side. 

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Go slowly if you want to make a big change

If you decide to go from brunette to blonde, you must go gradually instead of trying to do it all at once. “I could sunkisser enderne or take you to dirty blonde, so before it’s two weeks out of your wedding, I’ll add baby blonde highlights around your face,” he says. “Det ville alle være så naturligt og meget levet i.”

Gør ikke noget drastisk

 “Mange kvinder kan lide at gå for en drastisk ændring eller større farveændring,” siger Ramirez. “Husk, din forlovede has suggested you because he loves the way you look. After my experience, I personally propose to tell your fiance that you want to go from jet black hair to a blonde or red head. It’s like buying et hus, du skal både vide hvad du kommer ind i. “

Overvej placeringen af ​​dit bryllup

Something you might not have thought about before – Your wedding meeting is important when you think of your hair color goals. “Tell your hairdresser if it’s an outdoor or indoor wedding,” he emphasizes. “The natural sollys tends to expose any red shades, you have in your natural hair color, and it would take on movies.” 

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