Mød Top 9 Bryllupbuketter

Tæt up of bouquet of roses on wooden bench

Lindsay Dolak

14. juli 2016 @ 10:00

When it comes to your wedding, we know that you’re thinking absolutely alt. Each last touch is perfectly planned, timed and organized. And it all leads up to the one shining moment where you go down the hall. Alle rejser seg, your dress is revealed for the first time and you hold a bouquet as you thought of and formulated to precision to coordinate with your theme, venue and personal style. Dybest set er buket en big deal!

It may be difficult to nail the right palette, and there is certainly no need for flower options. So we asked experts approved by the popular wedding industry Carats & Cake to share some of the most beautiful bouquets they have seen and the themes that best suit them. Fortsæt med at rulle til nogle inspirere til din butik dag, and learn more about how each look was created.