The story of how Stephen Colbert knew, at his woman was ‘one’ will melt your heart

It’s not a secret that Stephen Colbert is a devoted family member (he even learned religion classes in his church). Komiker og Late Show Værten bor i Montclair, NJ, med sine tre børn og kone Evelyn. And even if he does not speak much about his private family life on his show (quite understandable), he just revealed how he knew that his wife was “the one” and the story is only heart-warming.

Tilsyneladende, he participated in another girl at the time and they had been together for several years when she gave him an ultimatum – whether we get married or break up (Yikes!). Colbert decided to go one week away and went back to his hometown Charleston, South Carolina, where he after a conversation with his mother decided he would not really be with the woman.

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Then one night, while still in town, he went to see a musical, and there he said he locked his eyes with “a woman in a black linen suit”.

“Hende. Det er din kone, du skal gifte dig med hende,” tænkte han. Not alone, they realized quickly that they had actually grown together and their families knew each other. Se ham fortælle hele historien. , that’s the sweetest thing ever.

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