This geni-invention makes it easier to use the toilet in your wedding dress

As the old saying goes, the necessity is the mother of the invention, but in the case of Heather Stenlake, it was not her own necessity that gave her a genialide. Instead, it was at the customers in the bridal shop she used to work on.

“As a brudekonsulent, I learned that one of the greatest needs of brides was [the brides] did not know how to go to the toilet in the dress and they would say it every time,” said Stenlake Med stil. “Så jeg vidste jeg havde et problem at løse.”

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If you have been a bride, do you know that when it comes to the bathroom, the fight is really right. It’s an unpleasant exercise that takes you and a pair of your bridesmaids in a bathroom that holds your dress while you do your business.

After many years of making sketches, making prototypes and experimenting with fabrics, Stenlake was finally able to create the perfect solution. Indtast brudekjole. 

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Sådan fungerer det. It is basically a lightweight waistband with an elastic waist, which you wear under your wedding dress. When you need the toilet, just collect your skirt in front of you, then take your bridesmaid, which is your underlying team, put your arms through the two side armor, adjust the string to tighten everything up and voilà.

Hilsen af ​​Bridal Buddy

“You’re free to use the bathroom alone. You do not need any help,” said Stenlake. “You have a choice: You can either carry it all day – it’s comfortable, it’s easy, it will not add any weight – or you just wear it when you go to the bathroom.”

Brude Buddy arbejder med forskellige stilarter af kjoler – fra kuglejakke til mødre, og brud elsker allerede det.

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“I have been a bridesmaid four times earlier for my wedding and had been able to wear dresses while my friends drove so when I heard about the bride and groom, I knew that was something I needed to get to mit bryllup, “sagde Jen Onushka, som blev gave tidligere i år. “Mine brudepiger var jeg klar til at glide det meget let under min kjole og stramme toppen og det var det. I have not even noticed it all night.”

Brude Buddy leveres i en størrelse og fås i enten hvid eller sort. Siden der vises på ABCs reality show Shark Tank, Product’s popularity has risen, and Stenlake is already working on her next invention that she currently only says “will be amazing”. Vi kan ikke vente med at se det, Heather.