9 af Reese Witherspons grafiske træningstanker, der koster mindre end et månedligt gym medlemskab

Reese Witherspoon Workout Tanks - LEAD
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Olivia Bahou

8. oktober 2016 @ 18:00
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Vi siger det: Reese Witherspoon er dronningen af ​​grafiske træningstanker. Whether she inspires us to be “stoked” to our sweat session, reminds us of “doing good” or getting out of the net and going “rogue”, she always sends a message with her tee – and gets the right mindset for a dræber træning.

We must admit, it works: After cheating on yourself in the mirror in a “happy camper” tee during a dizzy early morning morning bar class, you can do nothing but put a smile on your face.

Så vi har afrundet ni af vores favoritholdtanker, hos Witherspoon har brugt (og reworn!) Overalt fra gymnastiksalen til købmanden og endda efter træningsbrunch. Den bedste del? De er alle under $ 45.

VIDEO: Få det krop: Reese Witherspoon’s Arms

Continue to roll for nine doses workout inspiration right from street style star that will definitely make your yoga class more fun faster than you can say “chaturanga”.