Alle modereglerne Meghan Markle must follow when she joins the British royal family

Even if you do not emphasize them, it is very clear that the British royal family has a lot to do right now. Prins William og Kate Middleton hilste deres tredje barn velkommen. Dronning Elizabeth fejrede en festlig 92nd fødselsdag. And tomorrow, May 19, Meghan Markle will go down the hall to marry Prince Harry in a border-breaking wedding of all ages.

With so many celebrations, the public has a unique opportunity to see many of the royals – and how they dress on a frequent basis. They seem to look naturally impeccable every time they step out, but there are mules of strict royal fashion rules and labels that help them look so polished.

Så hvad er begrænsningerne? Med stil indhentet hjælp fra etiketteksperterne på The English Manner for at nedbryde hvad der er royal style procedure og hvad er modefabel. Rul gennem de største åbenbaringer om den kongelige kjolekode nedenfor.

The Hertugen and the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Mrs Meghan Markle joined the Queen and other members of the royal family in service at Westminster Abbey, organized by The Royal Commonwealth Society to celebrate the Commonwealth Day 2018.

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Sort is a no-unless you are Princess Diana.

Forvent ikke at fange en kongelig på en dagtimerne i sort, because it does not happen often.

“Generally, it usually means that blacks are not borne unless it’s sad, though Diana Princess of Wales has sometimes used it for evening functions, and the duchess of Cambridge has been known to do that,” explains the English leader, Alexandra Messervy.

“I notice that there was little of a scream recently when Mrs Markle was kind to a day-time event, but in the modern age I do not think it’s” frying “on so much at all, and actually funeral codes often state colors / ingen sort. ‘ “

Under international visits, you are welcome to host country et must.

Brug af landets emblem eller farver er almindelig praksis under besøg i udlandet.

Gør widzenia Polsko! Tak for et dejligt par dage i dit land ���� Vi havde en fantastisk tid! #RoyalVisitPoland

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“Normally they will try to pay compliments to their host country or state by including a national bird, flower or color, for example in an outfit,” says Messervy. “Både HM Dronning og Diana Prinsesse af Wales var strålende på det (Japan officielle besøg osv.).”

Sans fornuft gælder altid … Meghan skal arbejde på det.

“Andre regler dikterer fornuftskørter, which is easy to go in, usually pants for casual events rather than formal hats that do not protect too much of the face so the public can see them and shoes that are reasonable or comfortable enough to Stand for hours / go in, “says Messervy. “Jeg tror, ​​fru fru Markle kan tone ned hendes hæle lidt, når hun gør uendelige walkabouts!”

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Lyse farver kræver jeg skarer.

Think of it as a practical safety measure. Royals, især dronningen, must carry “colors that are bright so they can easily be chosen in a crowd”, says Messervy.

Nej, kødfarvede strømpebukser er ikke et krav

In spite of many reports, on flesh-colored stockings is a royal rule demanded by Queen Elizabeth himself, Messervy says that this simply is not true and has more to do with fads than any kind of tradition.

“No, it’s not true! They are free to choose the color beads they want and often often seem opaque colors with clothes. I think the only reasons they have chosen” naked “in recent years are , because they have become so much more fashionable, and the ‘shiny legs’ look became the dill. “

Female senior family members do not wear pants for official exposures.

Dronningen og Hertugen i Cambridge besøger Westway Sports Center i London efter ilden på Grenfell Tower. The center has been a focal point for efforts to support the affected fireplaces in Grenfell Tower. ��PA

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“You can not see senior members of the royal family wearing pants or pants for official engagements,” says Messervy. “An avvigelse from it has so far been the HRH Duke of Gloucester and HRH Princess Royal, I think, but very rarely.” (Meghan Markle kan også bryde denne tradition.)

En konges attitude is as important as what they have.

Prins Harry besøgte en sommerferieaktivitetssession i Newhams Central Park, som er en del af StreetGames # FitAndFed-kampagnen. The campaign is an answer to the urgent issue of holiday hunger, isolation and inactivity, as many children throughout Britain experience during school holidays. Prins Harry deltog i nogle af spillene og chattede til de aktive Newham-trænere, der leverede møderne om fordelene ved programmet til lokalsamfundet. ⚽️���� Billede: PA

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When fans go to royal events to see the famous family personally, they often have to wait before they actually see something. Messervy siger, på folkeventer timer, nogle gange i den frostige regn, for at juble og få et glimt af virkelige royaltyer. For familien, at være munter og dressing godt er en del af at respektere dette indsats.

“They need to look pretty well and it’s a way to compliment those who have been waiting for them or donated to charity or worked tirelessly for so long,” she says..

De favoriserer britiske designere med vilje.

“I think at everybody trying to use British designers wherever possible, which is amazing. I have noticed that younger members of the family are trying to see new and innovative forward-looking, lesser known designers who are super and some of the smaller workshops now come to the fore, such as [the man] Vivien Sheriff, with whom we work, and [jewelry designer] Jane Taylor “, says Messervy.

Farvel and thanks to everyone for a wonderful visit to Poland and Germany! It was a privilege to meet so many people and visit such incredible parts of both countries

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“Diana og Camilla har gjort gode tjenester til den britiske modeindustri, og nu The Duchess of Cambridge og de yngre med Beulah, Emilia Wickstead m.fl. og Alexander McQueen. Den kongelige familie er en af ​​vores største eksport / turistattraktioner, og Deres beskyttere (and Royal Warrants) are so much worth for British designers and industry. “

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Royals forlader ærmerøse og korte kjole ved vejen.

“They usually do not wear sleeveless dresses, and they usually wear clothes that are not too short in the back because of bending down and sitting in public,” says Messervy. (En anden for Markle at notere.)

Stofferne vælges omhyggeligt.

Each piece selected for use during a royal visit is carefully selected down to the raw materials used to construct the clothes.

“Garderobeomsorg is very important, and the staff do a great job,” says Messervy, and points out that sometimes designers like how durable clothes are for royal events. Materiale som silke, som ikke krøller så meget, hjælper familien til at se deres bedste til enhver tid, når de fotograferes fra forskellige angler. “Måske en silke- og uldblanding snarere slutter for meget linnedindhold – alle ting der skal bemærkes for holdbarhed, men også for at stoppe forkert creasing,” siger hun.

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It may seem like a lot of detail work, but Messervy brings a classic example of Princess Diana’s wedding dress to prove her point. “Tænk på Diana’s brudekjole. Glorious creation, but how it hurts because of lack of experience from designers,” she says. “They learned quickly, but were strongly criticized at the time!”

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