Aly Raisman havde det perfekte svar på en Body-Shaming Airport Experience

Aly Raisman er ikke hende for alles kropsskamning.

The Olympic gymnast sounded on Twitter Tuesday after a meeting with a rude TSA agent who criticized the size of her biceps. “I can not see any muscles,” he said, when a colleague told her if she was a gymnast.


“Jeg arbejder meget svært for at være sund og fit,” fortsatte hun. “Den kendsgerning, at en mand tror at han dømmer mine arme, screams me, I’m so ill on this judgmental generation. If you’re a man who can not compliment a girls, are you sexist. When will it change sig? Han var meget uhøflig. I stared at my head like it could not be me because I’m not so strong to him? Not cool. “

Hændelsen fell down after Raisman had a holiday to Turks and Caicos with friends, and despite her rant she did not let it go too much. Atlet fortsatte med at dele et billede af sig selv på øen med sine tonede arme på skærmen, selvfølgelig.