Boligindretning Trend til DIY: Kokedama Hængende Planter

kokodama DIY

Katie Donbavand

28. april 2015 @ 18:30

Good news, housing residents: The latest gardening trend does not require a farm! The fortryllende kokedamas only need half a sunshine and a little love to thrive.

Kokedamas, som bogstaveligt betyder “moskul” in Japanese, are charming hanging plants that exhibit a beautiful ball of lush moss with a beautiful houseplant growing inside. We have put the technique everywhere lately, but it was only until the new book from the experts at Sprout Home that we realized how easy to do ourselves.

Denne smukke grønne kokedama DIY kommer fra Tara Heibel og Tassy de Give Rødt i Design: Sprout Home’s Guide til Creative Indoor Planting ($ 16, “Kokedama er en fri forplantningsmetode, der stammer fra bonsai,” skriver forfatterne. “Kokedamas are designed to dangle, by suspending them in the air with colorful yarn, you can create a hanging garden for your home or even outdoors in the hot season.”

Ready to get your hands dirty? Læs videre for præcis, hvordan du laver din egen kokedama have og hvordan man plejer det.