Det er Chers 71-årsdag! Se Hendes Bedste-Ever Performance Looks

Cher Performing Outfits lead
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Olivia Bahou

20. maj 2017 @ 7:30

Glad 71 års fødselsdag, Cher! Musikikonet celebrates a milestone today, but you can never tell by looking at her on stage. For nylig som hende 2014 Clad to kill Tour, Cher har rocket minidresser jeg koncert og wowed her publikum med både sin stramme fysik og hendes kraftige stemme sendt i hendes 60s.

From her early days on Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, Hendes uhyrlige kostumer has been almost as popular as her bellowing voice. From scandalous clean clothes for fast fishing tights, this singer is known to push the envelope and look incredible while you do it.

In honor of her 71th birthday, keep going for a look at her 11 best performances.