Gwen Stefanis best autumn style looks like you can copy

Gwen Stefani

Alexandra Whittaker

24. oktober 2017 @ 11:15

Fall is officially in full swing and that means pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween costumes and completely without knowing what to wear out the door everyday.

“This season to play” how many teams should I bring “every morning before you leave the house, and although it may seem annoying, it can also be quite exciting too. Just watch Gwen Stefani, for example. The singer has it She makes notoriously dristy and stylish fashion choices, that’s all her own, but she especially shows it for the fall season.

VIDEO: Gwen Stefani driller en “Big Announcement” i et udseende, der ligner hendes brudekjole

So really, who better to take layering and autumn inspire than the expert himself? If you’re looking for your next autumn fashion finder, Gwen has you covered. Rul gennem nogle af vores foretrukne Stefani-godkendte overgangsperiode se nedenfor.