Her er hvordan Lord Overcame ubarmhjertige Body Shaming

Ting har ændret sig, siden Lorde slog musikscenen som en 16-årig nyfødt i 2013: She never stood for body shame, but now she does not have her confidence either.

Som sangestressen steg til berømmelse med hendes hit “Royals”, oplevede hun også en stigende mængde body shaming online. Jeg et interview med New Zealands NME, Lorde opened up on the unfaithful troller, she treated social media, and how she learned to overcome them.

“Det rockede mine fundamenter og kunne have f ** ked mig, du ved?”, Fortalte hun siteet. “I remember to be made aware of my appearance and my body in a way that I had never been.”

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“I can remember all these children online, I think I beat their favorite people to number one, and they were like:” F ** k here, she has very distant eyes, “she continued:” I remember being like , ‘Whoa! How did I get all the way without knowing that I had remote eyes? “Bare underligt kan lide det.” But I was able to return to my family and shelter for it and get to where I am now. I feel so comfortable in myself. “

After looking for comfort with her family, she never looked back. Now, Lord is ready to take the music industry again with the release of his second album, melodrama, som falder fredag, og en verdenstur til at starte.

Vi. Kan ikke. Vente.

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