Hilary Duff slutter Snapchat

Åh hej, se hvem har lige sluttet sig til Snapchat! Hilary Duff announced on Instagram Wednesday that she finally joined the popular messaging app by sharing her a photo of new avatar along with her handle, @Ohehehhhhary.

“Lidt send til festen, men følg mig på #snapchat! Ohheyhilary” the yngre stjerne skrev.

Lidt sendt til festen, men følg mig på #snapchat! Ohheyhilary ����

Et billede indsendt af Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) på

Bedre send ende aldrig! The lillahårede leading lady recently opened to Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen DeGeneres Show om medforældre med sin tidligere mand, tidligere NHL-stjerne Mike Comrie.

HENVISNING: Hilary Duff åbner om medforældre hendes søn luca med mike comrie

“We have such a good child, and we are both so obese with him,” said she to DeGeneres. “We are good friends, and we laugh very much and we have good communication. We share stories and pictures when you’re not with Luca.” Yes, he is amazing, we are good and we only hold on the truck. “