Hvad er gennemsnittet af Leonardo DiCaprios veninder?

Leonardo DiCaprio Girlfriends
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Isabel Jones

17. april 2018 @ 16:00

Leonardo DiCaprio har været en Hollywood-armatur i over 25 år, og som sådan har lidt om hans personlige liv undslået medieadder. The Oscar winner has been romantic associated with more than 20 women since 1994, most models.

Formentlig, da skuespilleren bliver ældre, it seems that the age of his women’s kohorts remains the same. DiCaprio er jeg øjeblikket 43; hans rygte kæreste, Camila Morrone, 20.

Morrone is not the first very younger woman DiCaprio is dated. We took a deep dive into the actor’s relationship, calculating the age of both DiCaprio and his rumor at the beginning of their relationship (though concise). I every case rounded up to the age, every party became that year (with the exception of DiCaprio’s present-day boyfriend, Morrone). Vores mission: At opdage Leos partnere gennemsnitalder.

VIDEO: Hvem er Leonardo DiCaprio’s rygte nye kæreste?

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Af denne afgrøde af kvinder var tre i deres teenagere (to be fair, Leo was in his early 20s at the time), 18 in their thieves and one in her early thirties. DiCaprio er ældre end 16 af 22 og yngre end bare tre (Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen og Eva Herzigova).

Leo daterede kvinder omtrent sin alder i hele tyverne, but after he hit 30, he began to flock to much younger women, generally them in their early twenties. The best is ever-dated young women, their ages have never been used to standing as such a contrast to themselves.  

Even if it does not seem that Leos plans to settle down anytime soon, the actor has stated that he does not mind marriage. He actually seems that it might happen to him one day. I et interview i begyndelsen af ​​2016 fortalte DiCaprio Parade, “The time comes when the time comes. The truth is, you can not predict marriage. You can not plan it. It just has to happen when it happens.”

Efter nogle beregninger konstaterede vi, at gennemsnitsalderen for DiCaprio’s veninder er 22,9. Rul ned for at se bevis, og for at genoplive hans komplette, kendte forholdshistorie.


LA = Leonardo DiCaprio er gammel, da de begyndte at danse
GA = Leonardo DiCaprios rygte kæreste er gammel, da de begyndte at danse

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