Julianne Houghs Pre-Wedding Fitness Rutine

For Julianne Hough er fitness ikke en hobby – det er en livsstil. Det Danse med stjernerne The judge is constantly on the move, whether she is on a long walk with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, snowboarding with her family or taking dance lessons to prepare a spring trip with her brother Derek. Og selvfølgelig passer Fitbit-ambassadøren every single step she takes.

“When I hit 10,000 steps, I know that I certainly did what I did for the day,” said Hough Med stil when she stopped at our New York City offices this week. “Mænd virkelig, et hvilket som helst antal trin, du kan komme ind er fantastisk. Sometimes it’s so hard to get up and move enough – especially when you travel and fly on a plane. I’ve found that it best you can do is go to Disneyland because you literally get about 20,000 steps a day. “

Udover på fortællingstæller tæller Hos alle ting fitness, fra sin favorit gym playlist og kost adgang til hendes pre-wedding workout plan (hun er forlovet med hockey player Brooks Laich). Rul ned for at finde ud af otte ting, vi lærte, mens vi chatte med stjernen.

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Hilsen Fitbit

1. She likes to mix things up when it comes to her fitness routine.
“Mindst tre gange om ugen, jeg prøver at gøre vægttræning eller noget som Body by Simone, Tracy Anderson eller Anna Kaiser,” sagde Hough. “I also try to do yoga twice a week, which is almost as active recovery. So I’m going to a SoulCycle class and I want to go or wander this weekend and try to get the dogs out.” My brother and I go back too på tur i forår, so I will try to do dance courses Monday, Thursday and Saturday. My step counts will be legit.”

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2. Hun holder sig motiveret med tanker om energiforøget efter træning.
“For mig handler det ikke nødvendigvis om hvordan min krop kommer til at se ud, men hvordan jeg skal føle,” sagde Hough. “So when I’m exhausted, and I really do not want to work out, I just remember if I do not want to do that, I’ve never finished a workout and thought,” I’m so angry I did it. ” I’m usually so glad I did, because I feel more positive and I have more energy all day. “

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Hilsen Fitbit

3. She’s dressing for the gymnastics – whether she’s on her way or not.
“Jeg er bestemt en leggings slags pige – jeg ved ikke, hvem der ikke er,” sagde Hough, der for nylig har designet sin egen sportslige linje til MPG Sport. “I like that they are a bit longer than three-fourths, but not quite ankelen, so right in between. And so outside the gym, I really go into athletics and jogger-style fashion. feel cozy, but still sweet, plus being able to run an erringer or go to a meeting in what I have. “

4. Hun bliver pumpet op med et svedværdigt soundtrack.
“Spotify s ‘Dagens Hits’ spilleliste er altid en go-to for mig,” sagde Hough. “I’ve also been on a big Jon Bellion-spark lately. His music is so anthemic – he’s definitely my favorite right now. And so my fiancé is listening to” Fit Radio “, which is also pretty cool. full song is repeated, so it only plays in forty seconds of each song and then seamlessly switches to a new one. “

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Hilsen Fitbit

5. Hun gør Fitbit udfordringer med sin familie.
“Min far har Surgeen, og han og min bror tog bare en tur til Belize,” sagde Hough, som sportsgren og Fitbit Flex 2 af hendes egen. “All the time they were there, my far sent me his statistic. And I was like:” It’s not fair! They walk around everywhere and do all these touristy things, but I’m just hanging out! “He said: Du kunne gøre det. ‘”

6. Hun forventer ikke at foretage nogen større præ-wedding ændringer til sin træningsrutine.
“Det er sjovt folk spørger mig om jeg vil være super at træne til min bryllup, men det føles som om det bare er sådan jeg er generelt,” sagde Hough. “So, I do not really change anything in my routine, but I will definitely kick some push in advance. Also, I do not want to see anything different from how I already see when we get married. People always say that you you should not make a hair or makeup that is not for your wedding, because it just does not feel like you – and I want to work too much is in the same direction. You will look like yourself because your husband -to-be became in love with you as you are. It’s your perfect wedding anniversary with the person you have to marry so you should just enjoy it, rather than being stressed at what you look like. “

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Hilsen Fitbit

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7. hun tæller ikke kalorier.
“I ran out of the holiday, I had cake and chocolate and muffins and potato and sauce, but I could not eat as much as I wanted because I had taken my wisdom dinner. I just ate until I was full, I usually eat more than I need. I love to cook, but I am lazy and Postmates a lot. I have to start making dinner more. All my fiancé eats is chicken and vegetables so I have learned to stay pretty creativ med det – men it brings me out of my mind so I try to mix it up a bit by adding different flavors and vegetables. Right now I love spaghetti squash. “

8. Hun planlægger at komme videre.
“I actually made a vision card in 2017, and I had ‘Health’ listed as one of the subjects, ‘said Hough. “On it was: consistency, homemade meals, exercise, sleep and just being aware of my endometriosis. These were my top five priorities for this year.”

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