Meg Ryan peger på en essay om et af hendes bedste aktiver: “Det er sjovt at have berømte hår”

Det er sjovt at have berømt hår. It’s funny to have famous something, for that matter. Fame har en halveringstid. It’s like radioactivity – long after the original offense, you still feel the effects. The internet has complicated the situation, but I’ve found out that I can avoid news about myself by hiring almost exactly the same skill set, I use not to see mirrors.

It’s a kind of precision controlled aversion that’s worth mastering, even if a bad hair day glides in, which is bound to happen. Men så hvad? It’s great to be ignorant of the general skinny on yourself. Hvorfor gider det med det? En generel mager har et liv i sig selv, hvilket alligevel er meget immun overfor ledelsen.

I’m not exactly expert at ignoring myself because news about me occasionally do not wait. For example, I realize that I once had a famous hairdresser. I know it for the most part because I still see it on people in New York. There is also the person who sports it, but mostly not because it was in the 90’s and time has passed.

I also know because Sally Hershberger, the stylist who put it on my head to begin with, told me. Tilsyneladende was there year and year where people would come to her with curly magazine pages and expect to leave her salon with the same cut as mine. She committed herself as much as she could, but in some impossible cases – for super-straight or very curly hair – she had to deny the request. You can not please everyone.

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Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan jeg en Max Mara turtleneck og bukser og De Beers ringe. Fotograferet af Easton & Roso.

When I think of my hair, I think of Sally, because she is mostly responsible for it today. Hun er skåret, trimmet, razoreret, hakket og skåret det i en million år nu. For a while, there was so much product in my hair that if you put the microwave oven high and stabbed my head for 30 seconds, I would come out a muffin. Fortunately, I do not have many complaints about my hair. Det tager retning godt, which means that it mostly makes what it is coaxed I to do. I like that it’s not terribly weather-dependent and on a good day it tends to help my face out.

Mine børn har dog klager. When my son was around 6, I came home from a photography that Sally had given me a dry dry. Han fik over influenzaen. I looked at him, sleeping and touched his flushed little face with the hand’s backside. He opened his eyes, took a look at me and burst into tears. He mooshed my hair around and felt better, I think because he went straight to sleep again. Min datter finder også desorienterende noget som nærmer sig organiseret hår på mig. She is now 12, but when she was also around 6, I had my hair stained for some reason, and I kissed her good night.

“Jeg elsker dig,” sagde jeg.

“Sig det til mig med røde hår,” sagde hun.

Alligevel. I got the famous haircut mainly by accident fransk kys I played a character strandet in Paris without luggage, money or somewhere to live, so it was a stretch to think she had a lot of chance to shampoo. Sally had to find hair that looked so bad, but did everything well at once. Mens we worked it out under camera tests, she questioned some comments she made by pulling the curling rod over her head. A big part of my hair had sung and was still wrapped around the iron. Jeg bemærkede flammen først. For a second, see Sally Frihedsgudinden: frossen, fakkel op og lidt grøn. You can not really blame her for the overheating of iron because of the different tensions in Europe. She was left behind to cut away until we got what we got.

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As I said, I have been quite good at ignoring my public self, but not good. Internettet gør det svært. You can think of your own business for years and years, as I have, and suddenly comes across a terrible picture of yourself eating a sandwich you would otherwise never have remembered. Or you find a number of bad hair days immortalized as if they are interesting. Heldigvis for berømtheder, har internetten demokratiseret ydmygelse – det er slutningen af ​​privatlivet for alle nu, så ha!!

Those of us who were famous in the 90’s had time to ramp up and get used to being publicly humiliated. Når en wire service plukket noget op, var det den tidlige version af at gå viral. I remember having a chat on camera with a reporter who wanted to talk about my hair because he said he thought it looked wonderful. En god nok observation, men have to transform into an actual conversation, no matter how good your sense of humor is, especially if you’re tired. Alligevel antager jeg, at jeg sød og ikke spillede sammen, og min opfattede snottiness blev afhentet af alle trådtjenester. That’s the least of it, really, but you know what I mean. The internet has a way to sip out of context, which is partly why it’s so good to be a short-cutter.

Meg Ryan
Ryan i en Prada jakke og skjorte. Ringe er Catbird (pinkie), Elsa Peretti til Tiffany & Co. (ringfinger) og Delfina Delettrez (langfinger). Fotograferet af Easton & Roso.

I was just glad to be pleased that social media is now a equal opportunities shamer. Det er meget trist, især for børnene. At times I have let my head down and my bad day in a hat. I hope my children do not waste their time feeling like that. As I have said, is my daughter 12, just because of the potentially red-haired teenage years. My little girl whose hair is out of my mind could find herself fooled by some preteen hater. I just can not hold it. I am worried that it will only get worse given the terrible example our president is currently setting for the kids on Twitter.

It breaks my heart when he insults. Det gør det virkelig. I feel like a fellowship with ham because we both know what it feels like to have famous hair. Men since he does not seem to be distracted to stop it, I will arm my daughter with something my girlfriend learned from her mother when she was 12. She said that one person would assume that half the people , she meets my life, I like her for the exact reasons, the other half will, and she might as well stop trying to please everyone because it is mathematically impossible yet.

It’s great advice and worth sharing with everyone, not just the children. Sally probably knew it back in the days she put my hair in brand. You can not please everyone. And for the post, I think it’s excellent that mathematics proves it. Der er noget at sige for at ignorere haterne, selvom ignorerer dem ikke får dem til at gå væk. Det er nok umuligt at ignorere præsidenten, men jeg skal prøve. I can possibly apply the aversion technology, I talked about earlier to his Twitter account, but it’s not foolish, so things can still wait in.

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I meanwhile I forgot to point out something important, something that had famous hair in the 90’s would teach someone. I speak only with authority to someone who still can see her haircut 20 years ago on a stranger, that is, no one, but life is more fun when you are less interested in what other people think of you. It’s the end of privacy for all, and times are full, but I’m grateful to have learned this. There is kind of chocolate on the pillow of whole shebang.

Meg Ryan er en skuespillerinde, en producent og en direktør.

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