Cupcakes og Cashmere’s New Online Shop er seriøst Swoon-Worthy

Cupcakes and Cashmere
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Kim Duong

27. april 2017 @ 17:30

Ringer alle ultrafemmes! Cupcakes og Cashmere Emily Schuman døbte bare en ny online butik med alt godt, cupcakes og cashmere og gnistre og smukke. What you find at the new e-commerce site is a treasure chest of fashion and lifestyle guides that take into account her colleagues who are brilliant motivated readers (I mean, just look at this Instagram, she shared avocado sugarcakes, crashed with kommentarer som “Yessssssssss” og “Disse er fantastiske”).

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Butikken offers not only Cupcakes and Cashmere branded goods and home items, but also items from third parties that are curated to fit the blog’s sugary sweet aesthetics. I’m blogging that announces launch, writes Schuman, “How I live my own life, reflected directly in [Cupcakes and Cashmere Shop] and every single thing that the team decided to carry.”

Fra glitterstearinlys og (selvfølgelig) cupcake liners til blomsterkroppers og ginghambandanas, shoppe vores valg til at have sommer klar stykker fra Cupcakes og Cashmere Shop, under.

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