De 5 ting jeg ønskede havde været på min Graduation Wish List


Stephanie Perez-Gurri

26. juni 2017 @ 18:00
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Graduating College i den modne alder på 21 (eller 22) gør et enormt øjeblik med opnåelse, selvfreds og dårligt, jeg siger det, lettelse. Your remote family, as you have not seen this year, collects to sing your prices, comes on graduation day. For the day, everything is focused exclusively on you; din vidunderlige feat af varige 4 års undergrad, og med det kommer der storbillet gave giver. 

Som de fleste Generation Z børn kan attestere, kommer graduering gaver til betydelige omkostninger. I have paid witness that my colleagues are the recipient of 2 ct diamond pads, luxurious handbags and even fresh out-of-dealers cars as graduation tasks. Tal om ekstravagant!


Men som det siger siger, if I only knew what I know nu, When it comes to decision-making about what to put on your candidate list, taste and rating may not be at the reasonable level we might think it’s on. Tilfælde instead, I put a very trendy $ 2K koraltonet silk taffeta dress on my list (and no, I did not get it, rather my mother scoffed on me for it). 

Had I known about investment shopping and timeless pieces, my list would have been worth more. What better moment to consider classic pieces than when many of the interviews and networking opportunities are on the horizon?

We put super-luxurious dreams on our wish list, because why not? En pige kan drømme, ikke? Mænd uanset dit prispunkt, overvej klassiske hæfteklammer fra de fem kategorier nedenfor.