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gav Guide - Drugstore Gifts
Hilsen, Carter Smith

Andrea Cheng

19. december 2017 @ 14:00
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We’ve all been there: You’re on the way to a party festival, a Secret Santa / White Elephant gift exchange or to your important other’s parents house, and you have the heartbreaking FML moment. Du har glemt gaven. And if it’s because you’re pressed on time or every store you’ve passed is closed, the only correct option is to appear in the nearest pharmacy..

Ikke alt håb er dog tabt. Ærligt talte. Walgreens, CVS’erne, Duane Reades, Rite Aids, Verdens Mål, lager faktisk en fortegnelse over skjulte perler, der giver gode gaveindstillingsmuligheder – and it will most importantly not give away that you have bought it 1) on the 11th and 2th ) from the conveniently located convenience store. Vi undersøgte Med stil redaktører, der afslørede de gaver, de når i tvang; se-vores sidste minut apotek gaveguide.

VIDEO: 7 Home-Drugstore Spa-behandlinger

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