Sødeste Halloween kostumer til babyer

Baby Halloween Costumes

Anne Vorrasi

26. september 2017 @ 10:00
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It sounds dumb, but it’s so much harder to decide your baby’s first Halloween costume. Skal du have supplerende udseende? Vil de være varme nok? What will they think about their costumes 20 years from now? Hvordan vil de passe ind i deres klapvogn? Og hvorfor er der alt for mange muligheder, at din baby vil se latterligt søde ud? Nu bliver du nervøs. 

If you have gone deep down the baby Halloween costume rabbit hole and can not seem to find a way out, let’s make it easier for you by offering a couple of really stinkin ‘cute outfit suggestions for your baby’s first Halloween. 

VIDEO: DIY Halloween kostumer til børn

Ansvarsfraskrivelse: We can not love that these Halloween costumes are stroller friendly, but at least they are adorable, memorable, affordable and most of all, Instagrammable-let’s be honest, that’s what we’re most worried about anyway. And if you really struggle with the stroller’s dilemma, do you cover a radio flyer with lots of padding and maybe some fake cob webs to transport baby, their baby friends and all the candy they have gathered for you to eat.