Vi fandt den nemmeste måde at lave en Martha Stewart-godkendt Thanksgiving Dinner

Hilsen Marley Sked

Anne Vorrasi

23. oktober 2017 kl. 10.30

Thanksgiving nærmer sig hurtigt, men har du planlagt din menu? If the thought of producing a difficult meal gives greater stress than joy, we have just discovered the easiest way to plan a Thanksgiving party at Martha Stewart. Yes, the Queen of Privatøkonomi co-operated with Food Delivery Service Marley Spoon to put together a box of recipes and ingredients that will earn a very hungry crowd of eight to ten. And you can expect that they are not just mediocre dishes, there’s nothing to write home about. No, these beauty is tasteful, memorable, unsafe and sure to be restored year after year – just make sure you save these recipe cards.

Vælg mellem “fest” ($ 160) sæt, der indeholder turkey, fire sider, plus en tilskuere behagelig dessert, or if you insist on using your own family recipe for show-stop the bird, you can just choose the “pages” $ 100) sæt, der omfatter de fire sider og dessert.

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