4 ting vi lærte af Kate Middleton’s frisør

Pro tip: if you’re on a blowout bar and want a style that holds the perfect amount of bounce (who’s not right?) Ask your stylist to use Kate Middleton as a reference. Bredly considered as the shooter of good hair, behind every envy worthy of appearance is her male husband, Rossano Ferretti, that funny fact, constituted the concept of balayage dating back in 1987 and revolutionized the industry with its “invisible cutting” technique. Jeg modsætter mig en stump snit, hylder metoden enhver bevis, at du endda huggede dine lag i første omgang, og selvom du går en dramatisk kortere længde, er der ingen hårde ender at tjene som indikator. “It came from my dissatisfied with what I saw – I was never pleased with the results of seeing scissors in the haircut, and even in the street you wanted to see the teams and could tell where the scissors hit the hair,” he tells Med stil. “For many years ago I woke up at 5 in the morning and realized the problem. It’s not about scissors or fingers. You must follow the movements of your hair using your body and cut accordingly.” Under hans haircutting sessions vil Ferretti lay in and follow the hair direction, and the method can be done on both super-straight and very curly hair, not to mention everything. “I’m 30 minutes, I follow you, I follow the hair you follow, and there is no delimitation,” he says. “Måden at skære hår på er ændret til et fritflydende koncept under hensyn til dets naturlige nuancer.” The demand for the invisible haircuts is high at its many salons, which has worldwide outposts in New York City, Verona, Rome, Paris and many other places, as you await your trip on the list, you can customize Pro’s overall philosophy for hair in Mellemtiden. Hendes skitserede Ferretti brand gyldne hårregler for at følge efter lag, der er værdige til en faktisk tiara.

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Hold det tidløst

Sikker, trendy udskæringer og farver er sjove at eksperimentere med, but when you establish your brand look, you must stick to a classic that feels organic. “Skønhed handler om harmoni, and I can not cut your hair without regard to your personal style and face shape, so when we consult with our customers, I need to know you and what you want, otherwise I do not know how to gør dig glad “, siger Ferretti, der bemærker, at most of his clients do not bring in reference material. “If you take a picture, do of course your stylist job faster and easier, but someone else’s haircut may not be the best solution for you.” The guidelines are fine, but Ferretti does not recommend working against how your hair is natural, and before you make a cut, it is always important to conduct thorough consultation with your stylist that affects how your threads work and what looks you like vil opnå. “I’m never talking about trends – the goal is to be beautiful in your own way, so it’s about personalization,” he adds..

Arbejde med din naturlige farve og struktur

På Ferretti’s saloner er væk fra behandlinger, der kan være alt for skadeligt på håret, og selv når man laver farve, han tager en meget organisk tilgang. Hans “Aquarella” -teknik, som ligner “Babylights”-effekten, ved den efterligner en gradvis lynnedslag fra solen, bruger din basefarve som reference og springer kun en til to nuancer fra den for at tilføje dimension. Instead of covering the first signs of grays with a darker color on some clients, he will exploit this method in an attempt to avoid for dramatic change. “I’ve suggested people all my life using hair in the most organic way. If you already have a good haircut, you can follow your natural hair motion by styling or even air drying,” he says. “Brug dine hænder til at adskille dit hår, mens det er fugtigt, så pin dine krøller, lag eller væv i plads i et par minutter. Just follow what the hair does and let it dry in the most organic way.”

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Vask dit hår mindre

You have probably heard that washing your hair on the daily is not necessary, and Ferretti is here to confirm your faith. “Shampoo til til tre gange om ugen. Really want to be a perfect balance every week,” he says. “If you are washing every day, it tends to create the opposite effect on your hair. If you are oily, the oil will get more often while you wash, as the foam in the shampoo can strip your hair.” Hvor ofte afhænger dyb tilstand af din hårtype, men generelt er en gang om ugen en god mængde at forkæle sig i en maske eller behandling. As long as you go to the pool or gym every day, less about the foam reaction, and your blowout has more living capacity as a result.

Udvikle en Hair Regime

Especially when you get your hair dyed, a solid aftertreatment routine is needed to maintain the untouched condition of your threads. Ud over din shampoo og balsam, Ferretti foreslår at gøre det til et punkt at bruge hulrolie og serum før styling, especially if you live in an area of ​​high pollution. “You must give this hair extra protection, especially in view of the region, how the water is and how contaminated it is,” he explains. “Du kan have en smuk haircut, men hvis du ikke har den rigtige regime, det vil ikke holde op. In that way a bad cream can destroy your skin, hard products can affect your hair.”

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