Classic long hairstyles that will never be you

TARA ZIEMBA / AFP / Getty Images; Todd Williamson / Getty Images

Victoria Moorhouse

Dec 04, 2017 @ 15:45

There is no afskæringspunkt for having long hair. If you prefer a cut that strikes under your collar bone, wear it with pride. There are dog few styles, that is the definition of decades (see perms), and maybe a better decision chooses a look that will stand the time trial. Your age should not determine your length, but your cut does not need to reveal your date of birth.

These classic long hairstyles, layered, stump and even accentuated with flattering fringe will remain non-flawed opportunities in the coming years. Fortsæt med at rulle for at få et par pro-godkendte ideer til din næste salonaftale.

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