De bedste nye sommer hårprodukter på Sephora

Sephora Summer Hair Products

Erin Lukas

25. juni 2018 kl. 10.30
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Hæv din hånd, hvis du føler dig personligt tilbud for frizz om sommeren. Like all others, I have a love relationship with the season because of the moisture making for my hair. 

Together with my hair, dry and poofy, the sun becomes colored, dark brown color orange and brassy – even when I do not hit the beach or a pool. 

I’m starting to believe that the only way to avoid my summer hair match is to stay inside all day. Or more realistic, I could just change my hair care routine with a few of the products that Sephora just rolled out to summer 2018.

I år omfatter udvælgelsen af ​​lanceringer en lille smule alt for alle. If you’re like me and frizz is your biggest hair problem, Living Proof’s instantaneous spray spray will be your most used product, while if you want to make your hair easier, Ouais Wrap Sprays is the Safe Millennium Version of Sun-In. 

Continue to scroll to the nine best new summer hair care products you can get on Sephora now. 

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