De bedste shampooer for at forhindre klorskader

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katya Bychkova //

16. august 2016 kl. 11.30
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At have klorbeskadiget hår er ikke sjovt, især når du har brugt så mange penge på dit hårklipp og højdepunkter. Heldigvis er der et par specialiserede shampooer, der hjælper med at redde din scalp fra kløe og holde dine krøller klorfrie. I went nerdy and tested some of the most hyped clarifying shampoos on the market to narrow down the list down to the top five best options that are worth your attention.


Since I do not really know any professional swimmers who regularly use chlorophyll shampoos, I based my research on the reviews back on the websites of great beauty retailers: Sephora, Ulta Beauty and Amazon. Efter at have indsnævret listen til 15 top-rated produkter, jeg søgte resten af ​​internettet på udkig efter nye produkter, der har potentiale til at erstatte de samlede vindere. As a result, I could identify five more products for testing. I also confirmed my fund with some of my beauty editor friends who claimed to use clarifying shampoos to remove product build-up.

Although I’m still convinced that the best way to protect your hair from chlorine by keeping your hair out of the water, I was pleasantly surprised how effective these so-called “Sunday shampoos” could be, not only as after-swimming shampoo Mænd jeg min daglige rutine. På en tør shampoo-enthusiast lærte jeg, at en ugentlig vask med en klarende shampoo er et livreddende tip, der hjælper med at holde mit hår sundere og renere mellem shampoo.

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In connection with this attempt, I went to East Hampton, where I had unlimited access to a swimming pool. The house had a large-sized pool that did not necessarily smell like chlorine, but there was no doubt that the pool had been cleaned with chemicals – the skin on both my body and face required some intense nourishing after swimming. What I did was to dive all the way into the swimming pool and gently wipe my hair with a towel and immediately showered using one of the shampoos i needed to test.

For the purpose of doing the right for all the products, I used the same favorite leave condition after each wash, Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock ($ 18; Then I let my hair dry for about thirty minutes to imitate how you do it in real life. Endelig blæste jeg mit hår med min 1907 af Fromm Zero 7 Air Lightweight Dryer ($ 78; Then I noticed how my hair felt under shampoo, just after and a few hours later.

The second part of the experiment took place about a week after my swimming pool test drive when I had chosen my top five list. I saw a YouTube video, where professional swimmers tested the effectiveness of chlorine removal syringes with a chloroploss solution kit and decided to repeat the same trick with clarifying shampoo. Jeg hældte en god mængde Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach ($ 41 for pakke med 4: i en plastikbeholder og blandede den med klorprøvedråber ved hjælp af Phenol Red pH Test Solution ($ 13,, indtil vandet slog lyserødt . Then I added a tablespoon of each shampoo to the container and mixed it vigorously with water. The observation of how the mixture changed the color, I reached conclusions on how well the product dissolves the chemical. Hvis vandet blev klart, betød det, at produktet havde fuldstændigt opløst kloren. If it turned pink or turned pale purple, the product was not very effective in controlling the chemical.

Although I really went to test these chlorine shampoos, my overall assessment of the products was based not only on chlorine testing results, but also on how my hair looked and felt after washing with a clearing shampoo. In fact, some of the shampoos did a good job of removing chlorophoresis, not on the list because my hair became unmanageable after using them (even with the miracle force of my above-mentioned all-time favorite finishing). In the end of the day, if you are not a professional swimmer and only need chloropure shampoo in the summer, is your general hair condition more important than chemical results, right? For at the right time, I still included the results of the chlorine level for your reference, if you search specifically for scientific data.