Hårfarverne will all be in use this summer

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Victoria Moorhouse

Jun 07, 2018 @ 11:00 am
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Fristen for at give dig selv en sommer makeover er kraftfuld. Besides at the need to dump my closet and start from scratch with a fresh new wardrobe, I find myself rescuing countless hair color images on Instagram from my favorite famous hair color. 

The season happens to be one of the most popular times for dramatic changes in hair color. If you’re on the fence or highlighting of your hair, this year’s trend colors will convince you to go ahead and order that deal.. 

Ifølge kendte hårfarve Rita Hazan (mastermind bag Beyoncés hårfarve blandt mange andre berømtheder), handles summer 2018 to add a subtle and natural brightness to your hair and vej mindre om en hård ombré. 

Fortsæt med at bladre for at se seks af Hazans bedste forslag. 

VIDEO: Skønhedskole: Flat Iron Waves


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