Hvad er det med Gigi Hadids skiftende hårfarve?

Gigi Hadids hår er bare kalejdoskopisk end nogen farveændrende højlighter eller læbestift. It seems as if every second time the supermodel is coming out, her hair spans from the bright blonde she had when she first began to cross the pathways to her current British shadow.

It’s Hadid’s hairy intermediate position on the brunette to blonde spectrum, which apparently means that she constantly changes her color every week, and sometimes even on a daily basis. Har du brug for en visuel? I last month became internet hungry when Hadid was set in New York with a new beachy blonde hair shadow. It turned out to be a fake alarm after the model was discovered that same evening with its newest bronde hair color that she has a rocket.

Gigi Hadid

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Så hvordan kan Hadids hår være jeg i stand til at variere i skygge uden at besøge sin farvelist? It’s all together in the location of her highlights (and the lighting she stands under). “Most people emphasize all their head and Gigi is strategically placed on her center and face,” explains Matrix Celebrity Stylist, George Papanikolas, who has worked with the model earlier. “This creates an illusion when her hair is turned or separated to the side, so she can get versatility with her color.”

The technique is similar to the standard balayage highlighting method that has been popular for the past few years in salons across the country. “She has her natural light brown base on the bottom and gets strategic honey colored highlights where the sun naturally hit the hair that is around the face and middle of the middle,” says Papanikola.

Bortset fra at tilføje versioner til Hadids udseende, disse højdepunkter er også ekstremt lave vedligeholdelses-perfekt, if you’re a globetrottende supermodel, or if you’re like us and can not handle the routine contact tasks with our colorists.

VIDEO: Gigi & Bella Hadids søde barnedomsbilleder

With a color like Hadids, you can get away with just seeing your colorist twice a year, but Papanikolas recommends regularly washing your threads with a neutralizing protective shampoo and balsam duo like Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo ($ 13; com) og Conditioner ($ 13; ulta.com) for at holde din farve fra at blive brassy.

Og selvom Hadid svæver mellem blond og brunt hår, arbejder hun højdepunkter på enhver hårfarve. “You can use the same placement and technique on any shadow of hair, but I always suggest staying within four shades of the natural color,” says Papanikolas. “På mørkt brunt hår, gå i en blød kontrast med mere af en karamellskygge. På rødhårede er en gylden kobber tone pænt.”