Hvorfor bliver hårfarve blødt, og hvordan kan du stoppe det?

When you’re a bottle of blonde, coming from a super dark base, prevent your threes from eventually turning to orange, becoming a running match. Sure, it can be kept away by the countless glosses, color-depositing shampoos and balm fabrics and toning products on the market, but the question remains: why does it even happen in the first place? Rippe en side fra din high school biologi bog, Dr. Joe Cincotta, kemiker for hårfarve mærke Color Wow, siger svaret ligger i melanin fundet i din hår aksel. “Dark hair has to type melanin in it, and when it comes in contact with peroxide, attacks the peroxides of your melanin,” he explains. “Melaninet for mørkt hår går ikke straks til blondine – it goes to an intermediate red phase, and your natural melanin is broken.” When your hair becomes as easy as your stylist looks appropriate, either a toner or dye is added on top of the top, but both fall as you continue to wash your hair by appointment.

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“Da farvestoffet forlader håret, kommer den delvist nedbrudte melanin igennem,” fortsætter Dr. Cincotta. “If you do not take the melanin down before it is completely eliminated, you have brassiness under the color or toner that begins to come through after a few weeks.” Fortunately, there are a few ways to counteract this, or at least have a less apparent sepia tint for your next salon agreement. To start, you want to look at the ingredient list of products that are currently in your shower, and replace anything that has sulphates or alcohol in the mixture. Ifølge Gail Federici, grundlægger og CEO for Color Wow, vil visse ingredienser cause your color to oxidize on the hair surface. Brug en lavdensitet, sulfatfri shampoo til at holde din kæbe tæt og se efter kondensatorer, der bruger gennemsigtige konditionmidler, der ikke oxiderer, når de rammer håret, “siger hun. In addition, pigments infuse treatment products in your regime, such as those with a small violet color, to neutralize the yellow and orange toner, which eventually takes shape. Selv om dine højdepunkter måske ikke skal retouches for nogle få uger (afhængigt af din ønskede intensitet), visit your stylist for occasional shine to keep your color in control, which also results in super gloss.