Kan du rocke Donald Trumps underskrift ‘Gør så godt som Ryan Gosling? Find ud af med vores makeover værktøj

Donald Trump Hair Try On
IPA / WENN.com, Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

Samantha Faragalli

11. september 2015 @ 17:30

There are many important things to discuss when it comes to 2016 presidential-health care, immigration and of course Donald Trumps hair. Den republikanske præsidentkandidat has sported its signature chambers for good, so it’s only unavoidable that we’ve made it possible to see if you can rock the look as easy as he does by trying on his hairdresser with our Hollywood Makeover Tool. When everything comes to everything with Trump in order to represent the United States, it’s only appropriate that we learn how to customize his hairstyle once and for all (I mean, if cats can do that, can we?).

Her er hvad vi mener, Trumps proces for at skabe hans unikke ‘gør involverer. Vi antager, at han begynder med en seriøs 80’ers tilbagekaldelse: den fintandede hale kam. He probably drills the hair by jawing the desired sections, which would give him the extra volume he’s looking for. Once he has got the body, we guess that he begins to throw it over accordingly. Til højre? Til venstre? Frem? Flere retninger samtidig? Whatever he feels on a particular day, it seems to work. Finally, it’s time to keep everything in place. We are not sure why Trump has so much trouble with this (Google his name along with the words “wind” and “hair” and you will see what we mean). Har han ikke prøvet en langvarig holdspray? If he only used a few extra spritzes, he would drastically reduce the number of windblown images of himself floating around the internet.

Like the man himself, Trumps kam-over has developed over the years. Rul gennem vores galleri nedenfor for at se hver af dets iterationer.

FOTO: Trump din kat: Se husdyr Model The Donald’s Comb-Over