Not satisfied with finding gray hair in the 20s? Her er hvordan man skal håndtere

There are few beauty experiences that will be as shocking as finding your first gray hair. Det er ikke at traumatisere dig eller give dig urimelig angst – det er bare chokerende. Something you always knew would happen, but not really thought, was in the near future. Sådan plejer jeg at kategorisere det for mig selv. Men I saw an increasing height of 40,000 feet, I did not find one or two but three. Jeg var ærligt freaked fordi jeg havde ingen anelse om hvordan jeg ikke havde bemærket dem før, men også begyndte at panik lidt fordi jeg måtte spørre om dette var den officielle åbning af floodgates? There is a lot to deal with when you still feel that you are a child, TBH. 

Betød den grå hår, at I quickly became aging? It is an unpleasant experience to say the least, but I can not help thinking that I may not be alone in this experience. Inevitably, we all want a gray hair or two. Ca. for weeks later, when I saw my farvelist, Sarah Spratt, she found another one, and I almost left out of a boyish scream, if it were not for her dictionary. “At finde et grå hår bogstaveligt betyder ikke noget. Except maybe when you find more than one pair – and that just means it’s the end of light hair.” 

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Men hvad er den nye virkelighed af graying hair?! I had so many questions. I asked literally every farvelist I had ever met about them. Mit første spørgsmål var at plukke en grå betyder virkelig at tre andre vil deltage i begravelsen? Tricholog Anabel Kingsley gav mig scoop. “This is a myth, but it would not be a great way to get thicker hair! What usually happens is if you feel and pull out a gray hair, you become more aware of color changes and therefore start to notice others . if you are constantly picking out a hair, you risk damaging the hair follicle – and it can result in distortion of threads and even permanent loss of hair. “OK, do not rip my pigs.

My second question was if it was normal to find three gray hairs at the age of 25 years. Kingsley beroligede mig. “I mean, most people will get a pair of gray hair at the time they get 30. But some see their first grays as early as 18 while others do not experience graying well in their 40s,” she says.. 

Mænd rolig, jeg spurgte også det samme til Rita Hazan, berømthedskollektor og ejer af Rita Hazan Salon i NYC uden paranoia, og hun var enig med Kingsley. “Some people cry at the age of 18 or 19, and most women do not start before they are in the 40’s,” explains Hazan. “The sooner you start, the more advanced it is. The later it kicks in, the less and less advanced it is. Natural red hair typically will not be gray until the late 40’s or 50’s.” 

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Et par grays ved 25 er intet at have en fuldstændig nervøs sammenbrud over, but I wanted to know why it happened, regardless. Kingsley explains that gray hair occurs when hair follicles stop producing melanocytes-pigment cells that give hair the color. When this happens, it is primarily down to genetics, but there are a number of factors that can help pig. Blandt dem nævner Kingsley vitamin B-mangler, diabetes, skadelig anæmi og skjoldbruskkirtelsygdomme. 

Mens hun siger kan det ikke gør noget for øjeblikket for at forhindre eller omvendte graying efter en sund kost og styring af stress could hjælp til tidlig graying, men det er ikke en færdig, bevist aftale. 

And for those of you who have noticed a cry and wondered why it grew back in a different texture than the rest of your hair, it turns out you do not imagine it. 

“Gray hair is usually finer because our hair is getting better when we age,” says Kingsley. Mænd dit hår kan Fole kun grov, fordi vi i alderen reducerer talgproduktionen fra talgkirtlerne på vores bundbund. She says, at gray hairs are more obvious when they are surrounded by pigmented hair and it is often why we examine their texture. 

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Vil du dække det med hårfarve? The typical time people go between touching Hazan is 4-6 weeks, but if you do not have much, you can wait 2-3 months. 

I wanted to know what I could do to cover my pigs, given my clear vote for their presence. Sarah Spratt trøstede mig med tanken om, at du kan gøre en række ting. You can go in and just spot the grays with color, or you can create a visual distraction. 

“Another way to hide grays is to add highlights to strategic places to draw your eye there, instead of being the contrast between your natural hair color and the gray hair.” 

You do not have to start coloring your entire hair, and go gray does not have to be the end of the world. You can even own it and look good that way. 

Thus my gray-colored panik evaporated and I could return to my regularly planned beauty programming.