Sådan handler du for den bedste flade jern

Some people returned to use the iron to fix their threads. Mens du måske ikke behøver at
ty til disse foranstaltninger nu, dagens ydmyge fladjern er en MVP i mange et hår arsenal. Da flade jern can be a pricey investment, make sure it contains all the right watches and whistles. So what should you look for when shopping for one? We have scoop from experts to find out what features mean the most (and what tools they make in their own set) so you can buy with confidence.

1. Kontrollér pladerne
Opt for keramiske plader, “it warms up more evenly and is less hard on your hair,” says N.Y.C. frisør Antonio Prieto. Se også efter flydende plader – som næsten føles løs i staven – “de giver dig mulighed for at lægge den rigtige pres på håret, som varierer af tekstur”, siger N.Y.C. frisør Nate Rosencranz. If you want to create both straight and wavy styles, look for curved edges, “they help reduce fractures and are good at creating beach waves,” says N.Y.C. frisør Tyler Colton.


2. Styr varme
“Det forkerte varmeniveau kan virkelig skade håret,” siger Brooklyn-baserede frisør Kenna. “Research shows that at the optimal styling temperature for hair is 365 degrees. Something higher can damage the hair, and something lower may not work,” says Kenna. This iron has a temperature dial or digital display, and set it no higher than 365 degrees – or try Kenna’s pick, som forblir ensartet 365 grader (GHD Platinum, $ 249; ghdhair.com). And be sure to work in small sections so that the heat can penetrate the hair properly.



3. Overvej din struktur og længde
If you have thick wires, you can consider a wider plate, “a 1.5 inch iron covers more area than a standard plate, but it’s still small enough to reach every string,” says Colton. Prøv Coltons favorit, T3 Singlepass 1,5 “($ 230; sephora.com). Og hvis du har lange tråde, så prøv en jern med ekstra lange plader som den ene Rosenkranz favør, Hot Tools Nano Ceramic 1” med ekstra lange plader ($ 60; ulta.com).

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