The Celebrity Short Hairstyles That Winning 2017

Kort Hair 2017 - LEAD
Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Victoria Moorhouse

16. august 2017 @ 9:00
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Hvis vi havde kvart om hver gang vi skrev ordene “bob”, “lob” og “pixie” i år, ville vores Sephora hauls blive lige op for shopping sprees. For at 2017, the year with short hair clips is a drastic understatement, as many of your favorite celebrities are handled in their long layers and beachy waves to the crown, head cutouts. Husk Bella Hadids cameo på Met Gala? Hvad med det faktum, at Kate Hudson helt barberet hovedet?

“I think it’s about expression,” says Chad Wood, renowned hairdresser of all the latest cuts. “Piger begynder at feel mere safe in their style and take more chances and be brave.” 

If you are ready for a change, Wood suggests that the look is something that will work with your daily styling routine and invest in key products. “Jeg kan godt lide TONI & GUY Sea Salt Spray ($ 10; for bare at øge din naturlige bølge og tekstur.”

Regardless of these hair controls, there are roles or not, the trend is going on in great time. So if you find yourself creating faux bob just to see how you want to see, consider this gallery of super popular star haircuts your gentle pressure to lose a little length.

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