This is how everyone will wear their lob next year

lob with Bangs
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Erin Lukas

26. oktober 2017 @ 16:30

Lobben is the one hairdresser who in one way or another manages to look flattering on all types of hair and facial shape, why it has always been the pattern of the hottest haircuts in the last few years.

Tilfælde i punkt: along with the driving list for celebs that have adopted the crab leg grazing length, all you know, including your sister, deskmate and barista have probably all got cut at some point too. It turns out that at the intermediate length is precise, making a lob universally flattering, “I think the clavicle or collar bone is the most beautiful of any woman,” said hairdresser Bridget Brager earlier Med stil. “” I think really, at every girl who cuts their hair to their collar legs, it’s cut that makes everything proportional to a woman’s body. “

If you have had a run for a while, you may have itching to change things – even if you still love your cut. When you do not want to commit to a new hair length or color, you can add a few dashes to your lobe completely transforming your appearance. “Adding a bang is a great way to create a” new “style without making a drastic haircut or change of length. You can keep the lobe you already love and just improve it with this mini snip”, says famous hairdresser Laurie dynger. “Afhængigt af frynsestilen kan du altid camouflere bandet let, if you decide that the look is not for you.”

Since not all bangs are created, you may wonder which fringe styles work best with your lob. Heldigvis, ligesom klippet selv, praktisk talt enhver stil parrer godt med en lap, uanset om du foretrækker fuld og blød eller 60’ers inspireret gardinbrag. “Your natural structure plays a big role in the type of bang you choose,” explains Heaps. “The good thing about a lob is that it works with so many different styles,” explains Heaps. “Du kan gå stump og tyk eller endda prøve teksturiseret og vinklet. There is no set formula and you can experiment with a clip that fits your personality and lifestyle.”

Imidlertid understreger proffsen, at når man vælger hvilken type bras for at få det vigtigt at holde hårets tekstur i tankerne og hvor meget stylingstid du er villig til at lægge i. “Are you willing to blow dry and even flat iron fringe after each shampoo? Are you okay to leave it natural if you choose to air dry?” “Are all questions she says you should ask yourself, før du laver en salonaftale.

Overbevist om at bangs er den nøjagtige ændring af dine lob behov? Fortsæt med at rulle til vores favorit berømthed tager på lob med hår frisør til inspiration.

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