18 måder at binde et tørklæde-demoed med GIF’er

Hvordan to Tie a Scarf GIF LEAD
Sarah Balch for InStyle.com

Andrea Cheng

17. oktober 2017 @ 11:30
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Of all the winter accessories out there the scarf is easily the most versatile. Factoring i de utallige kombinationer af binding, tucking, draping og generel zhooshing, this one piece of fabric can literally be borne one million and one way. Eller godt, mindst 18.

We took a long rectangular knitted scarf of Echo Design (a length of 30 ” x 80 ” to be exact) and dampen it every way, starting with the simplest (one basic hanging and drapery) and working our way up to the most komplekse (pretzel knob-så hårdt, men alligevel så givende) gennem en omfattende GIF guide. Bookmark this page and get through to each style to earn the title of scarf Jedi.

VIDEO: 4 forskellige måder at binde et tørklæde på


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