3 flotte nye måder at bære en bandana på

I de seneste måneder har bandana-as-a-accessory bevægelsen taget af. Den traditionelle, paisley-trykte nøglering is used in every way, which shows that it has a serious silence. Alligevel, there’s nothing you can throw and go out the door. As well as the accessory, a lot of thought should go in to tie it on.

Til at begynde med, gør du som Leandra Medine, også The Man Repeller (over), og bære din bandana som et armbånd. You must bare around and tie it in a knot on the front. Du vil give en helt ny betydning til ordet arm party.

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Hvordan to wear a bandana - embed 1
Christian Vierig / Getty Images

Just as you can wear a bandana like a bracelet, you can also wear it like a necklace, as evidenced by the elegant street style look above. If you want to carry it around your neck, it’s even more important that you fold it well. For an I-vågnet-denne udseende, bind it loose and let the ends hang in the middle of the chest like a pendant.

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Hvordan to wear a bandana - embed 2
manrepeller / Instagram

Hvis du er en reel risikobærer, fold lommetørklædet med skarpe folder og bind det omkring din ankel for en uventet udseende.

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