Cutting your hair dry? Hendes er hvorfor du bør overveje det

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the stylist’s chair on the salon, overcome by fear and regret in the middle of pieces because you can not judge whether you want to swell or sneak when the inch of your hair is cut off? We have all been there, but switching to a dry cut instead of the traditional wet technique can save you stress by guessing your next salon visit.

“When a handworker cuts your hair [dry], they not only look at the look and style you want but also taking into account that when the guest leaves, she will be able to replicate the look easily and to grow out forbliver stadig smuk, når hun kommer til sit næste besøg, siger stylist Johnny Wojtanowicz fra Sahag Workshop i New York.

When wet, the hair becomes denser, stretches and thanks to elasticity, longer, making the end result of a cut less predictable. Da gennemblødte tråde can look drastically different than when dry – especially if your hair is curled on cutting before shampooing, allows a stylist to create a more detailed cut that is realistic of how the hair will see and behave jeg hverdagen uden for salonen.

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Ved Sahag hedder den specifikke metode til tørskæring, der er skabt af salonens seni founder og stylist til berømtheder som Sarah Jessica Parker og Jennifer Aniston, “aftagende.” “Each section of the hair is tapered at the ends, almost individually, allowing a stylist to form a stronger, longer-lasting form in the guest’s hair. The knits are cut in pieces, section-by-section, just at the tips. This gives it an already fast form og en naturlig blødhed til din ende, “forklarer Wojtanowicz. “It lets this hair feel more natural, well-balanced and soft.”

Udover at sikre at du og din stylist er på samme niveau om den store billede af din stil, er en anden grund til genoverveje en våd udskæring, at tørkoteletter har længere levetid mellem nedskæringer, så hvis du næsten ikke kan trykke tidligt til en ugentlig yoga klasse, så er denne metode til dig. Wojtanowicz says, at the cutting of hair drier requires less frequent trips to the salon because the shape of the style is cut into the hair so that it is not only softer and easier to stylize at home, it allows to grow out to maintain the original shape imellem trims.

Det bedste ved denne teknik er dens mangfoldighed. Tørring er universel, fits any style you seek to achieve, and works with any hair type, whether your texture is straight and nice or frizzy and curly. “Klippets glans is no matter what texture anyone has, it can be torn and shaped to what the guest wishes”, says Wojtanowicz.

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For prolonging a dry cut, Wojtanowicz recommends that your hair has the moisture it needs to maintain a healthy appearance and its shape. En finisholie som Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray ($ 31.95; vil hygrere tråde, beskytte dem mod elementer og lås i essentielle vitaminer.

Since this tailored approach to cutting is not the norm for a majority of salons, it is important to find a stylist with the right experience in the method before going out of a laundry research. Men if you want a more tailored style that is unique to you and your hair, a dry cut can only be the change you are after.