10 sjov fars dag kort garanteret for at gøre langt skratte (og føle sig speciel)

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Anne Vorrasi

Jun 03, 2016 @ 8:00 am
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Picture this: You have chosen a starfather day present for the all-star father in your life and made a seriously impressive job with gift wrapping. Mænd når det er på tide for Pops på åben synd gav, er kortet ikke mere end et generisk sidste øjebliks fundet, hentet på apoteket rundt om hjørnet fra din parents bolig. In fact, the only sentimental thing about it is that the sentences “Dear Father” and “Love, Me” are inside, and before you know, the card is absent in the garbage together with the rest of the wrapping. 

Believe it or not, there is a way to make the $ 5 investment on a piece of folded paper last lifetime. All that requires is a meaningful handwritten note to get the card to go straight from father’s hand to the mantel where it will be like an honorary love that is loved in the coming years. Additionally, you deserve a nice note like the one you have to write this year, an equally memorable background, so here are some amazing day off cards from some of our favorite stationers around. From charming to sassy, ​​we’re sure you’ll find an option that your pop will love. 

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