13 female politicians you need to know

Isabella Lövin of Sweden Signs a Climate Bill
Isabella Lövin / Twitter

Jennifer Mason

Mar 07, 2017 @ 3:15 pm

Under sin første uges uges tid underskrev præsident Donald Trump en række kontroversielle forretningsordrer. En af dem, som genindfører “global gag rule”, blokkerer amerikanske midler til en udenlandsk organisation, der leverer abort eller endda tilbyder oplysninger om aborter. It is controversial not only because experts say that it will have a negative impact on millions of women and girls around the world, but because the president was photographed, the orders signed only by men. For weeks later came a similar image on social media [above], but this time a woman, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Climate Minister, Isabella Lövin, was sitting before an official document flanked by a group of female colleagues. She signed a bill for making Sweden carbon neutral in 2045, as it addressed the issue of climate change, something the American president has called a hoax invented by the Chinese in order to make US production un competitive..

This powerful image inspired us to look at some of the women who work to create positive changes in the political area. This is not a list of the most powerful women in the government, nor is it exhaustive. It serves only as an introduction to some of the women around the world who actively promote women’s rights, protect the climate, stand up for the disposed of or merely positive role models. In honor of the International Women’s Day, whose theme this year is to achieve gender equality by 2030, we present 13 female politicians, you must know.