6 Tech Tips, hver forælder skal vide

When it comes to children and technology, they are a-changin ‘. As the world becomes more and more complex and more digitally connected than ever, it is important to learn your offspring’s best practices before they undermine the mighty power of the seducers for the rest of their young adult lives. Med det tænkte jeg på Randi Zuckerberg, New York Times most soldier author, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, and yes, sister to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for advice on how to integrate tech into your home in a healthy way. “Som forældre går vi straks til et frygtsted når det kommer til teknologi,” she said recently by telephone. Her deler hun sine seks digitale forældre tips.

1. Skelne mellem skærmtid og teknologisk tid.

Parents tend to induce an image of a child on a couch glued to an iPad, but it does not have to be the case. There are hundreds of ways to introduce children to technology that do not contain monitors. Der er brætspil, der introducerer tidlig logik og kodning, der robotter til småbørn, der lærer de grundlæggende byggesten på ingeniørvirksomhed, listen fortsætter.

2. Diskuter korrekt mobiltelefon etikette. 

Normally, the children get their first mobile phone between fourth grade and eighth grade. Planlæg at have en samtale med dine børn om hvad det betyder at have en telefon og hvilken handling omkring en lignende. 

3. Tag et langt hårdt blik i spejlet.

It is important for adults to consider their own behavior. It’s really easy to sit and make rules for our children about how they use technology, but children learn through observation. It sends a message to your child if they feel they need to compete with a screen for your attention.

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4. Opret en “digital godtgørelse” for dit barn. 

Det er akavet for forældre at altid være politimænd. Sit down in the beginning of the school year, and confirm how many minutes screen time a week is realistic for your child. In that way you will learn time management: If you want to blow all your minutes in a marathon session, you will not have time on your devices for the rest of the week. Men if you want to ration it out, then you’ll have screen time every day. 

5. Opmuntre udendørs aktivitet. 

When it comes to young children, the balance between technology and life should always happen in relation to life. Children have many years as adults to be glued to phones and monitors and voices, so the more you can encourage the kids to play outside and play games, the better. At the same time it is important for young girls to be exposed to technology at a young age because they unfortunately do not expect to learn about it in our society.

6. Brug forældrekontrol apps. 

More and more homework is given on computers and iPads, so lines are blurred than ever for when a child actually does school work on a screen and when they are not. There are a few apps that send you detailed views on how your kids spend time on their devices, like Screen Time ($ 3, iTunes) that can be very informative.