7 Smarte frokostbokse, you want to come to work

Chic Lunch Boxes
Aaron Spelling Prods / Courtesy Everett Collection

Jenna Pizzuta

26. marts 2018 @ 15:30
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Overvejer at bringe din frokost til arbejde? If time, money and money are valuable to you, then you will. There are many advantages of bringing lunch to work. Her er et par: It’s one of the easiest ways to save money. Forbered frokost betyder, at du er fuld kontrol over hvad du spiser, hvilket gør det nemt at spise sundt og undgå at lave fattige impulsvalg. Moreover, you avoid the long lines, giving you more time to eat and enjoy your lunch break.

If these simple benefits spark your interest in bringing your lunch to work, you need a way to transport it there. Spring over det spinkle papir og plastposer og vælg en smuk madpakke. It will ensure your breakfast arrives safely and in style.

VIDEO: How much can you save by bringing your own breakfast?

Hendes er vores syv favorits og arbejder passende madpakker, du rent faktisk vil bruge!