Chic Vandflasker Berømtheder Altid Bære

Celeb Water Bottles
JB Lacroix / GC Images

Alexis Bennett

26. april 2017 kl. 11:45
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Berømtheder always designs the hottest handbags or rocker the coolest sunglasses. Men there is another accessory category that slowly takes over. Mine ladies and gentlemen, I would like to re-enter the water bottle. Ja, du læste det korrekt. Jeg er stedet for at transportere plastikoptioner, der er stjerner adgang til genanvendelige vandflasker.

In addition to cutting down on waste, the pipes will not contaminate beverages, as they are free of BPA / BPS. Oh, and mention we designers are very sweet? They come in as many colors and have as many fun designs as traditional accessories. So no matter what the celebrities are wearing, they look good while doing well. Det er helt sikkert en win-win.

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Fortsæt med at rulle for at lære mere om tre populære vandflasker.