Solrenset helbredende vand er en ting, og her er hvorfor du bør prøve det

Hvis jeg fortalte dig, at du kunne genoplive din krop og sjæl ved at drikke ud af flasker lavet af en bestemt farveglas, kan du løbe så hurtigt som muligt væk fra mit vanvittige selv. Mænd hvis jeg fortalte dig, på superhuman stunner Gisele Bundchen sippede vand fra flasker lavet udelukkende af blå glas, kan du risikere at høre en knap audible “vent what?”

Based on an ancient Hawaiian tradition and some science, sunlight combined with blue glass can act as a water purification system. Indtast SOL Water, and when it leaves in sunlight, converts water to purified healing water. It sounds a bit strange, but it also makes small needle bars in different places on your body to relieve pain and pain..

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The penetration of sunlight through a glass of glass changes the chemical, physical and biological properties of the water, creating a kind of superpower that can potentially give things like improved hydration, clearer thoughts og mindre stress. When a bottle is left in the sun long enough, kills heat and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight bacteria and various other pathogens. SOL Water throws a beneficial component and also shares 1 percent of all revenues for charities such as Water For People, which supports drinking water in third countries.

Processen er enkel. Fyld blot en SOL-flaske med vand og lad det være i direkte sollys i 1 til 12 timer for at rense. Even if you do not feel the immediate benefits of solar water, as the bottles can be recycled, you will still take action against the plastic bottle phenomenon and you will be hydrated while you do it! Og flaskerne er fantastiske. Godt for dig, din æstetik og miljøet. Vi nipper til det!

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