Spruce Up Your Office Cubicle med disse svære at dræbe planter, der ikke er sukkulenter

Skrivebord Plants Lead

Tessa Trudeau

26. juli 2017 @ 12:00

Planter har evnen til at dyrke ethvert rum, hvilket bringer lysstyrke til selv den mest kaste af interiører. I en alder af Pinterest, where each housing décor seems to be a perfectly decorated room complete with delicious green, we have made it our goal to incorporate a kind of foliage into our own room. We’ve even added a few varieties here and there in the office, and they make the perfect additions to our desks.

We learned dog fast, at plukning by planter can be scary, especially when you do not even have a green thumb. Knowing how much water is to be watered, what kinds of soil is best and what kind of lighting they need is actually overwhelming, and it’s stressful to think that a wrong move can make them. Men what if we told you there are some plants that actually are Hårdt på dræbe? 

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Believe it or not, there is a handful of greens, known as tried and true survivors, and therefore good opportunities for beginners. One of the criteria that makes them so easy to take care of is that they are adaptable to any lighting. Another big thing is that they do not need a ton of water, so if you forget them every once in a while (or much), they will not fall dead every now and then. Læs nedenfor for 5 stueplanter, we have managed to keep us alive and are sure that you can!

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